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  • Duo-Tech
  • Helix
  • Hollow Core
  • Voodoo-Thane
  • Super-Thane
  • Insane-Thane
Piper Legend Firm

RaceThane, AKA VooDoo Thane:
Some things can be copied, but
the orginal indoor race formula
cannot be duplicated.


To create the most inspiring wheel brand in the world through innovation and design content with long-lasting quality.
Provide customers with quality service that is always prompt and professional.
Support the brand with differentiated image in line with our vision.


To inspire every skater that wants to be better, go faster. Concentrated on high-level and top-end wheels, made with a distinctive brand that conveys enjoyment.


Quality, Sophistication,
Performance. Trust.

Years of consistency, producing many of the worlds fastest wheels are the result of a deep commitment to racing competitions; they are the purest expression of refined skill, distinctive design and above all a great passion for wheels.