Corsa Outdoor Race


Piper, bringing back traditional outdoor quad wheels specifically designed to race.  Americas fastest road wheel period! Unparalleled grip, stability, longevity that Piper demands from all their products.

Whether you are a serious outdoor skater/competitor or simply wanting the best ride while enjoying your skate, Corsa will surpass your expectations. Piper's new Super Corsa 70mm. offers additional speed on open road. 65mm is sized to fit most skates without rubbing on the plate/mounting bolts. If you are interested in Super Corsa, but not sure if your skates will accommodate them, please click here.

  • Size: 65 & 70mm
  • Width: 39mm
  • TPU 6 COG Hub
  • Hardness: 78a
  • Sold as: 8 pack
  • Hand Made in USA