Whiplash Pro


NEW: Whiplash Pro with our Helix race hubs and Duo-Tech (dual durometer) size 90, 100 & 110MM.

  • Helix racing hubs: Builds energy under pressure.
  • Duo-Tech: Dual durometer over molded – Two wheels in one (2-N-1)
  • Super Thane: Same exact formula as our previous whiplash.

For more about DUO-Tech click here

Neal Piper, our renowned engineer and chemist has again developed a proprietary formula with ultra rebound that specializes in distance races. For more information about Neal Piper click here.


  • Duo-Tech: 2-n-1 (Two wheels in one), our central engine at 92% rebound.
  • Helix race hubs, TPU / Glass stiffness RX9 out of 10.
  • Super Thane magnifies rebound for ultimate roll.
  • Sold as – Each / 4pk
  • Packaging – Four packs (Wheels may arrive without packaging, depending on purchase quantity)
  • Size: 90MM / 100MM / 110MM
  • Hardness – FAST 87, XFAST 89, XXFAST 91