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Piper – born in Huntington Beach, California in 1986. Founder, Neal Piper our renowned scientist started brewing skate wheel formulas in the early 80’s. Forty years later, Neal continues his passion of making the World’s fastest wheels.

Many know Neal for the legendary breakthrough in 1987 when he developed the original Voodoo Thane (Hyper Cannibals, Witchdoctors, Wicked Lips and more). Voodoo Thane went on to dominate the indoor racing scene worldwide through the early 90’s. Outdoor race formula then took over the indoor race scene during the worldwide inline boom. Voodoo Thane eventually made its return to indoor racing once again.

Neal Piper has won more indoor national and outdoor world titles than any other wheel chemist in history. Neal’s experience in formulating premium race wheels both inline and quad between 1987-Current is arguably one of the best in the business. To name a few: Strada road wheels, Pista track wheels, Cannibal Indoor wheels, SuperLite, Shock banded wheels, Hyper Performance, Atom IQ Matter G13, Matter 125, Hyper hockey, Kuzak hockey, Ultimate wheels, Senet Wheels, and numerous other wheels that raised the bar over, and over and over again. With Neal…the wheels are always turning.

Piper, recently relocated to Texas where they reset and reestablished their standards for premium wheels. Piper is obsessed with wheel technology. We continue our passion to produce the fastest wheels in the world. We are devoted to developing and evolving chemistry, tooling, quality, equipment, and the factory to accomplish our aspirations. Our obsession is your passion!



To create the most inspiring wheel brand in the world through innovation and design content with long-lasting quality.
Provide customers with quality service that is always prompt and professional.
Support the brand with differentiated image in line with our vision.


To inspire every skater that wants to be better, go faster. Concentrated on high-level and top-end wheels, made with a distinctive brand that conveys enjoyment.


Quality, Sophistication,
Performance. Trust.

Years of consistency, producing many of the worlds fastest wheels are the result of a deep commitment to racing competitions; they are the purest expression of refined skill, distinctive design and above all a great passion for wheels.

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