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PIPER AIR 125 – Lightest 125 in the World

• Aerodynamic
• Largest band vs tire to absorb vibration
• Patent Pending – 100% hollow one piece construction

Tech Talk:

Carbon fiber vs aluminum is between two and five times more rigid. Stiffness depends on the carbon lay up and design.

Replacing aluminum in an object with carbon fiber can reduce its weight by nearly half without compromising strength and rigidity.

It’s also important to compare the strength of the two materials which have the same thickness. Aluminum has a strength of about 500 kilonewtons vs carbon fiber which can have up to 1600 kilonewtons of strength.

When you need something rigid, strong and lightweight – carbon fiber is the best option. This is why it’s already being used in aircraft, motor sports, and medical manufacturing industries.


Carbon Air Technology Patent pending
Carbon Air Hollow Tech

Piper, evolving the way inline cores are made. Arguably, one of the most exciting developments in inline wheel history. As the leader in 125mm wheels, we are excited to further press the boundaries in the 125, big wheel market.

  • One piece, hollow-Tech (HT) Patent Pending
  • 90mm core
  • 3mm tire thickness
  • Massive momentum of inertia (95% of the weight is on the outer most part of the wheel)
  • Designed for Straightline speed
  • Stiffer than aluminum, lighter than nylon
  • Duo-Technology, 2-N-1 (two wheels in one)
  • First tire, casted with supercharged soft urethane
  • Trimmed, cleaned and prepped for final tire
  • Price: 65 EACH
  • Type: 100% hollow tech carbon fiber core
  • Size: 125 with standard profile
  • Weight: 145g, lightest 125 in the world (lighter than 110)

Duo-Tech has revolutionized an entirely new generation of inline race wheels.

XL duo tech thin tire

Helix Racing Hubs

  • Neal Piper’s first wheel designed from the ground up to support over-mold / band process (Duo-Tech).
  •  OD (outer diameter) with dome tech is smoother, faster, more stable and more responsive. The band design shape, size, overall volume is quicker than our previous core designs.
  • The overall Helix design gives back more energy than all our previous cores combined.
  • Different flex options, RX1 the softest / RX10 the stiffest, for indoor, road and track.

2-N-1 Duo-Tech has exhilarated an entirely new generation of Wheels.

  • 2-N-1 (two wheels in one): Casted inside and out, higher-energy, more grip, more control
  • Built from the inside out: Complete control over the inside, shape/design, size, overall volume, and materials. Like adjusting the amount of air in a pneumatic tire or ball
  •  Core, mantle, tire, fused as one. Cast one wheel, cast another, it’s more than just where the tire meets the road when it comes to inline racing.
Duo-Tech 2N1

Evolving from a floating band to Duo-Tech (casted over mold)

  • 2-N-1 (two wheels in one)
  • Wheel one, casted with 92% rebound urethane
  • bond is 100% bonded to the core during this process.
  • Trimmed, cleaned and prepped for final tire.
  • All parts are fused on one.

Duo-Tech has revolutionized an entirely new generation of inline race wheels.